Why I Do This

After hours spent scrolling through Instagram wondering how all these people make their profiles so meticulously perfect, I think to myself if I can get an outfit like that then I will get followers, or if I turn up my brightness then the picture will look super trendy. That’s when I have to stop myself and remind myself why I really do this and what I really want to gain for this journey.

I did not start this account or this blog for the recognition and attention, I started this to show people what I love and grow myself as a human being. Last year there was not much that made me more uncomfortable than taking a picture with just me in it, and since I was little I have loved writing, but hated sharing that with others. But here I find myself challenging all of that and forcing myself out of my comfort zone.

In my opinion, I think many people are confused about the purpose of social media. Most people harp on the negatives and how it is just for attention, but that is a very superficial approach. If we dig deeper, we realize this is time capsule into our lives. One day I will show my grandkids this profile and maybe they will make fun of my style at the time, but that’s the point. I want to capture moments and share what I love, and if in the end, I grow as person in happiness, positivity, and confidence then my goals will have gone above and beyond, but if no one but my mom looks at my pictures or reads my posts, then at least I will be putting myself out there and remembering these time in my life.

Often people talk about how negative social media is and the bad effects it has on people, especially young women. But I have been thinking about that a lot. Does it really have to be that way? So this is a personal experiment for myself and maybe even for society. Is it possible to have a realistic social media life that ends up serving the real purpose of social media? Share with me your opinions down below!


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