​Cat’s Kinis

Driven. Cultivated. Creative. Catherine Zhao started her own bikini line during the Summer of 2016 as a marketing and management student at the University of Miami. She saw an opportunity to create unique bathing suits that can fit all shapes, sizes, and preferences.

Catherine comes from a line of entrepreneurs in her family so one could say this runs in her blood, despite knowing that retail can be a tough business to get your foot in the door. However, she saw a need to have bathing suits that compliment all body types. By paying attention to each detail, Catherine ensures her customers that they are getting top quality kinis.

Each kini was designed by Cat and then hand-made. The suits are reversible, and many have adjustable straps. Personally, I bought one bathing suit, but I can wear it four ways. This again goes a long way since a quality bathing suit can be more pricey than others, but when you add in all the unique aspects to personalize it and how incredible the fabric itself is, the suit becomes priceless.

I bought the St. Tropez one piece could not be happier with it. It is white and silver reversible. The best part is that Catherine picked her materials so that they would be super soft and wouldn’t be see through since she knew that is a big concern with all white bathing suits.


While she does not know what the future has for Cat’s Kinis, Catherine has her own pop-up show opened during the time of Art Basel. Check her store out at 5872 Sunset Dr. in South Miami through the end of the week!



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